Once Upon-A-Time, Tomorrow

I like that I closed the show,

that I am your last memory

of the evening,

the ghost of my performance,

lingering as you seek your sleep.

The absence of ignorance, for me,

shows I know the host

was leaving me until last

to leave you with a lasting

impression. The digestion

of free-form, the audience

understands that their applause

demands, one day,

I shall once again – perform.


I Roll My Own Cigarettes

I roll my own cigarettes,

I know I shouldn’t

but surely cancer couldn’t

fail to respect

the debt

I already owe my body?

I roll my own cigarettes,

an art-form that will not conform,

such careful precision,


but gratefully tasted,

my yellowed fingers,

a disgrace I face,

yet will not defend my position.

I pretend it is pasted,

paint, not a taint,

my vice, my decision,

but I, unruly,

truly… do not care.

I am prepared.

I roll my own cigarettes,

often in advance,

ready for the chance

to advance my pleasure,

I work at my leisure,

I roll my own cigarettes.

Plagiarised Playwright

The goat song of the godless

gave gravity to greed,

manhood marching for Mother,

sews such a sorry seed,

and you should follow Oedipus

and carve out the orbs you used,

you cannot un-see the obscene scene,

your mind remains abused.


The want of weird and witchery,

the ever aching need,

has written brittle history,

a rare, and scary breed,

be careful storming the castle,

the cattle are confused,

the coming of a latent lord,

the right to be refused.


Please (Written for Nina Lewis)


don’t censor that beautiful smile,

why mar that moment-meant mouth

with lippy?

You grip me,

when that smile comes from your eyes,

I cannot disguise my delight

when you appear without the mask,

the unnecessary makeup

that breaks up

the raw honesty of your performance.


don’t censor that beautiful smile,

your eyelashes laugh easily,

your moment-meant mouth


for poetry,

a momentary stall,

I catch my breath, suddenly realising,

I had not exhaled in a while.


don’t censor that beautiful smile.



Written for Nina Lewis (Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2017).  This true sentiment applies to everyone.  You are ALL beautiful the way you are.