‘Tales From The Forest’–a great read

‘Tales From The Forest’–a great read.

Baldypoems is proud to promote Mark Billen’s ‘Tales From The Forest’, another great read from Black Pear Press.  I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Billen read some of these magnificent, witty pieces at The Worcester Writers’ Circle.  I heartily recommend this and wish Mark every success with this and future publications.  Best wishes from Baldy.



Please attend to another truly magnificent piece from master poet, Paul. F Lenzi.

Poesy plus Polemics

"Naples at Night with Vesuvius Erupting" Painting by Pietro Antoniani At bbc.co.uk “Naples at Night with Vesuvius Erupting”
Painting by Pietro Antoniani
At bbc.co.uk

unquenchable unquiet cone

tipped in ashclouds and misery

manslaughter crawls down its slopes

upon fat knees of fire to squat by the sea

loosing foul chthonic rivers of liquefied bones

onto cultures unwilling to run or entreat

forgiveness for loving this exquisite soil

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My latest offering, published on the we  drink  because we’re poets page  (I urge you to visit and absorb the brilliance of Sahm King, King Midget, Lilith,Bastet and Blu, all remarkable individuals and a truly superb team to be involved with).

I wish all my readers and fellow writers (many of whom get a personal mention and/or poem dedicated to them in the collections of poetry I am compiling with a view to self publish inthe next year) season’s greetings, Ihope you all enjoy the holidays.

I am so sorry for my absences and hope to be around a lot more in the new year.  I am truly grateful for all your continued support and encouragement.  Keep smiling and keep writing.  Much love and best wishes from baldy.


Photo Fiction: October 6th 2013

Photo Fiction: October 6th 2013.

Have you met Hairy (I mean, Alistair forbes)?  I honestly can not keep up with everyone and don’t know much about art and photography but this one made me smile.  Pleas check his blog out and tell him Baldy sent you.  Best wishes to all and have a great weekend 🙂

Here’s my flash fiction attempt from his photo prompt:

Pidgeon One: I don’t know much about art but I know what I like.
Pidgeon Two:  It’s a vent.
Pidgeon One:  Indeed, a way fro the artist to rid himself of frustration and angst…
Pidgeon Three:  No…  It is an actual vent.
Pidgeon One:  As I said, a masterful stroke of artistic genius that allows the viewer a keen insight in to the creative soul.
Pidgeons Two & Three:  *&^%$£g idiot!