Plagiarised Playwright

The goat song of the godless

gave gravity to greed,

manhood marching for Mother,

sews such a sorry seed,

and you should follow Oedipus

and carve out the orbs you used,

you cannot un-see the obscene scene,

your mind remains abused.


The want of weird and witchery,

the ever aching need,

has written brittle history,

a rare, and scary breed,

be careful storming the castle,

the cattle are confused,

the coming of a latent lord,

the right to be refused.



Two Pieces of News from Circle Member Mark Billen

A great read from a great guy!

Worcester Writers' Circle

Mark Billen’s play, ‘Bl … Bl.. Bluebeard!’ is being performed by Ewell Castle School during November 2017. This will be the eighteenth production of the play since publication.

And Mark’s second collection of short stories When The Gorse Is In Bloom is now available from Black Pear Press. Click here for details and to get your copy.

C:/Users/Tony/Documents/Writing Projects/Black Pear/When The Gor

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