Her Majesty The Queen Has A Copy


Her Majesty, The Queen received her copy of Lacuna.

Have you got yours?  Lacuna, the debut collection of poetry from yours truly (prize-winning poet, Kieran Davis, AKA Baldypoems) is available here:

Kieran Davis

Sure, you can get it on Amazon too, but I’d love for you to buy directly from the publisher, Black Pear Press.

Edited by the remarkable Polly Stretton, and sporting a blurb written by the legendary Paul F. Lenzi, Lacuna is sure to delight lovers of poetry.

Thank you to all for the continued support.



For a moment,

I almost felt naughty

for listening,

my pristine page,

taunting the chewed pencil

as I try to capture characters

through an exercise

suggested in a magazine,

but then I see

I am not alone

in my invasion of privacy,

that knowing smile

across the café,

I swear I saw a wink

that said:

‘You made it into

My notebook too.”



Old houses, abandoned playgrounds,

that live on in my memory,

derelict dreams, your smile –

forever haunting me.

The ghosts of kisses echo

in my sensibility,

forgetting the phantoms,

an impossibility.

Favourite places leave traces,

faces, barely recalled,

but able to enchant

and keep me enthralled,

the dens where we

played ‘let’s pretend’

and you stole your first

kiss from me;

where you went and how you died,

still a mystery.