Please (Written for Nina Lewis)


don’t censor that beautiful smile,

why mar that moment-meant mouth

with lippy?

You grip me,

when that smile comes from your eyes,

I cannot disguise my delight

when you appear without the mask,

the unnecessary makeup

that breaks up

the raw honesty of your performance.


don’t censor that beautiful smile,

your eyelashes laugh easily,

your moment-meant mouth


for poetry,

a momentary stall,

I catch my breath, suddenly realising,

I had not exhaled in a while.


don’t censor that beautiful smile.



Written for Nina Lewis (Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2017).  This true sentiment applies to everyone.  You are ALL beautiful the way you are.


Lust for the Lonely (Adults Only)

I am more curious,

Of what lies beneath,

Nakedness is dangerous,

A blade desires a sheath,

Furious more than curious,

Fingers fumble with a clasp,

When splashing passion,

Prematurely in your grasp,

Anxious and distracted,

But you calm my quick distress,

Forgiving milky tears,

As I now watch you undress,

Emboldening my member,

Once more with just the sight,

Of a body, oh so beautiful,

A need I cannot fight,

Lips part to admit thunder,

The taste of sweetest sin,

An inferno in my soul,

As I love every inch of skin,

And we are far from sated,

Even when the sex is spent,

Intercourse is, of course,

Barely the breath we lent.


Happy Anniversary, Baldy!


My beautiful wife (Sian) and I have been together for just over ten years, we were married on this day, the 19th August, seven years ago.  The little boy in the picture is my eldest son (who is now fourteen and nearly as big as me!).  Sian and I now have two children of our own (Oscar, two and a half, and Willow; just over four months), both of whom are adored by Jonathan.

Sian is my best mate, my rock and sounding board.  No one in the world has as much patience and tollerance as this wonderful woman (you think my jokes are funny, Sian has heard them a hundred times before you get to!).  So today, I shall post  the poem I scribbled in her anniversary card.  I only wish I could have found the words to truly express myself in light of the love I have and feel.

Sian, you saved me, I am because you are.



I love you more than ever,

I love you more than stuff,

I’ll love you foever,

Through the good times and the tough,

I love you more than ever,

I’ll love you ’til the stars stop blazing,

I’ll love you forever,

I LOVE you, you’re amazing!





As I emptied the dishwasher,
Can you guess what I found?
(Besides the plates and dishes)
I discovered a coin, a pound!
Hooray! Free money! Curious,
I do not recall losing one there,
My wife claims that it was hers,
With her usual, cheeky flare,
I said: “Finders, keepers and
What is yours, is mine.”
And I am sure that you can guess,
It was a truly foolish line,
I would never win that argument
(Though we never truly quarrel)
She smiled with her gorgeous green
Orbs that met the souls in mine of sorrel
And I relinquished my discovery
(I do not really like money)
Willingly and happily;
I laugh with my honey.


Destiny (Written for my Beatiful Wife)

I knew you existed, so long before we met,
Throughout a life that I longed to forget,
I dared to dream, had faith and did believe,
That one such as you would one day breathe,
Poetry in to my life, sing songs to my soul,
Marry me with white roses and dole,
Out epopee of destiny, fated to be ours,
You and I, my love, were written in the stars