Lacuna at Costa


Thank you!  Thank you to Louis and the team at Costa Coffee, proudly supporting the launch of Lacuna by popping up a poster.  Everyone knows how nice the service usually is at Costa, and the Worcester branches are no exception.

Lacuna is launched this Sunday (14th August) at Drummonds, New Street, Worcester at 4PM.  There will be a lovely selection of cake, thanks to Steve Kilmartin and Innovate, a chance to get a book signed, and some amazing performances of poetry.



Lacuna at Daisychain


Thank you!  Thank you to Denise Wray, Sue Walster, Reuben Taylor and Holly Napier (all pictured below) from Daisychain Benevolent Fund, proudly promoting the Lacuna launch.

Daisychain Benevolent Fund Trust’s aim is the preservation of health and the relief of sickness for children and young adults in the community.  Inspiring work by a wonderful charity.

The Daisychain bookshop in St John’s (Worcester) is a delight to visit, their volunteers are friendly and helpful, and their selection of books is superb (don’t tell my wife, but I left with three beautiful books today!).  With an impressive poetry selection and eye-catching displays of all genres, this is a booklover’s veritable Utopia.

Lacuna is the debut collection from prize-winning poet, Kieran Davis (also known as Baldypoems).  The book is published by Black Pear Press and features cover art from Olympic torch bearer, Damien Davis.  The book launch, sponsored by Innovate (who are providing the free cake) and the Worcestershire Literary Festival, takes place at 4PM on Sunday 14th August at Drummonds (New Street, Worcester).

As well as free cake (I mentioned free cake, right?) there will be poetry performances from The Magnificent Mike Alma, The Amazing Alan Durham, Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton and Worcestershire Poet Laureate; Suz Winspear.


Lacuna at Boston Tea Party


Thank you!  Thank you to Emma, the manager of Boston Tea Party, and to Tilly (pictured below) for proudly promoting the Lacuna launch.  Boston Tea Party boasts a magnificent array of beverages for any occasion and serves tasty treats all day.  Their breakfasts are impressive and their cakes are delicious.

Lacuna is published by Black Pear Press and available from August 14th.  The book launch takes place at Drummonds on New Street, Worcester, at 4PM.  Performances at the launch include, Worcestershire Poet Laureate, Suz Winspear, The Magnificent Mike Alma (author of 33 Years in the Lane), Worcesterhire Literary Festival Flash Fiction champion, The Amazing Alan Durham; and Perfect Poet – Polly Stretton (of ‘Girl’s Got Rhythm’ fame).

Also performing are: prize-winning poet, Kieran (Baldypoems) Davis and his son, Oscar (who will be reading his favourite poem ‘A Good Boy’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Come for the free cake, but stay for the poetry and party afterwards!


Keep smiling 🙂

Free Cake

Lacuna book launch poster


Delighted to release the official promotional material for the launch of my book, Lacuna (available from Black Pear Press and Amazon soon!).  A big thank you to Martin Driscoll, who put this together, and to The Worcestershire Literary Festival and Fringe for making my book launch one of their events.  Thank you also, to Innovate, the company I work for.  Innovate are kindly sponsoring the event by providing the cake (so it really will be free!).

I hope you can all come.  There will be performances from  Polly Stretton,  Alan Durham, Mike Alma and, of course, me!  We might even read a couple of silly poems!  There will be cake, prepared by Super Chef, Steve Kilmartin and a party afterwards (including karaoke from the infamous Big Nick).

I am so proud of the book.  Brilliantly prepared by Black Pear Press, edited by  Polly Stretton, Lacuna boasts bespoke cover art from photographer, Damien Davis (who must admit that not even carrying the Olympic torch can compare to how amazing it is being related to me!).  Best wishes to all and lots of love.





The crazy never, ever,

Die – They live on,

In our laughter,

In our poems and our pity,

In our promises and rainbows,

In our zebra Faerie city,

They become legend, altered

Memory that fits awkwardly,

Living happily ever after,

In our ideals and hoping,

In our faith and cheese,

In our fervid coping,

The crazy never, ever,

Die – they live on,

In our laughter.