Fan Art


My son, Oscar made a picture of us!  The big one is me and the little one is my beautiful wife, who appears to be frowning (probably upset with me for snoring again!).  I received a fantastic email from long-time pen-pal and fan of my mythology, Keith Nimmo, who agreed to let me post a photo of the two paintings he sent me and asked if he could use my Cyralost material for some concept art as part of his college course (which, of course, I was delighted about).  When I was telling my beloved Sian this morning, Oscar was drawing this on his sketcher, as soon as I saw it, I got Sian to photo it on her thingy-phone and e-mail it to me so I could post it as a prime example of fan art (a too-cute moment inspired by a wonderful photo by Charles Yallowitz of his own prodigy).

I will beposting the Summoner’s Stone article on the new ‘The chronicles of cyralost’ blog and invite anyone interested to send in ‘fan art’.  I would also love to hear from my fellow writers about any fan-mail they may have received.  How exciting!  Best wishes to all, hugs from baldy x

The Summoner’s Stone


An original painting from friend and fan, Keith Nimmo.  Art, in all its forms, from paintings to television productions and movies, don’t usually match up with the writer’s original concept.  Whoever a director casts as the main hero, regardless of their talent, will not be exactly as imagined, the same with artwork, but then everyone their own vision of how someone or something should look; we all devour books differently.  Art is an interpretation, and I am immensely grateful for Keith Nimmo’s interpretation of Tark Elspar’s Summoner’s Stone.  I love what his own imagination moved his brushes to produce and am ecstatic to showcase the first piece of true ‘fan-mail’ I ever received.  Mr Nimmo has recently contacted me and asked if he can use the mythology of Cyralost for some portfolio work in his college course (as you can imagine, Baldy did the dad-dance and readily agreed), I really look forward to seeing what he will paint next and will be sure to share anything he sends me with The Chronicles of Cyralost in mind.  Below is the original piece about the Summoner’s Stone that inspired Keith’s painting.  Thank you to Mr Nimmo for reading, and thank you so much for the artwork, I treasure it (it lives on the wall above my writing bags).


The Summoner’s Stone


These are baubles of magnificent potential pertaining to each of the elements, magical items so rare that a collection is unheard of and so very desirable (for the expensive materials that each is comprised of, the artistry and creativity put in to its forging and the magical wealth held within) that it could likely cost the fortune of a kingdom’s treasury.

Every stone is different (no two are identical), some in obvious ways, others only slightly outsized or given a different shape. Like normal stones, there is no symmetry and no one stone has a perfect circumference or edge.  The only similarities are the materials each Summoner’s Stone is made of.

In the instance of the Elsparran stone intended for the Elves at the Blood-tie ceremony, the stone and it’s brethren (for it is a sentient being, containing an elemental) are forged of slate, stone, agate and silver; these are inhabited by earth elementals (details about other elementals, such as fire, water or air and any Summoner’s Stones that they may be encaged in may be found in later stories or appendices).

Cyralost’s history is only lightly littered with tales regarding earth elemental summoning stones and many of those stories are considered fairy-tales of adventures locating them. Mytharia-Illidure and Keysrai-Nar are the only known two cities to have been spellborn with the aid of these.  But it is not just beneficial happenstance that occurs with the help of these mana-rich beauties, when in the wrong hands – devastation on a scale of catastrophic levels is possible.

It was a Summoner’s Stone that started the series of events that led to the sundering, the terrible cataclysm that changed the face of South-West Kira in the second age when an evil demon overlord rent the large island called Volentar, causing the South and West of it to break away in a horrific quake that cost the lives of thousands and created the islands now known as Rim, Plor, Quern, Gravasinia, ‘O’, Epipe, Hurch, Dra and Cakadar).  This event changed the face of former Usurpia (now called Urvasinia), cataclysmic earthquakes causing mountains to tumble and much of the land to be swallowed by a new sea.

Sadly, The Sundering was largely blamed on the Wytch-Kings, who were (in fact) responsible only for attempting to save the lands from this terrible fate.  The misunderstandings led to the great wytch cull that became known in Cyralost’s history as ‘The Burning Times’.

The silver that is worked in to and around the earth elemental summoning stone is forged in to delicate shapes, patterns and effigies by the most talented silversmiths before being magically welded to the slate, stone and agate by a sorcerer of incredible power. Some patterns contain leaves, ivy or floral designs (all wonderfully intricate and highly detailed) whilst others are gathered in to a lattice or spell-ridden sky of stars.  The silver can take on a face or the form of an animal or magical beast such as a Gryphon or Unicorn and the nature of the artifact makes it possible to change its design at will to confuse and deter potential thieves or people the stone believes are unworthy of wielding it.

It is able to dull the surfaces so that the silver does not catch the light and when free of its container (usually a spell-locked case of some sort) it can roam free, but only as far as it can roll.

The elemental held within is caged with such powerful magic that it must be subservient to its owner for the duration of one ‘wish’ (the wish will only work with the intent of the elemental’s nature for a specific use, to build or destroy something of rock, mud, stone, earth etc in this case).

Once it has fulfilled its intended destiny, the creature will most likely escape to another plane of existence in search of its own prime-material world but it has been known for one or two elementals to seek vengeance on mankind for its captivity and slavery. There is one document that claims an elemental remained in its owner’s service (after fulfilling his wish) of its own free will and caused tremendous harm to an opposing army.


The Chronicles of Tarkus

For all those interested in fantasy, the first part of chapter one from my book, The Chronicles of Tarkus, Dungeons of the Deep, has gone live on my new fantasy blog: The Chronicles of Cyralost.

The second part of chapter one follows momentarily and if enough interest/attention is forthcoming, there will be more published in due course.  The fantasy blog has only been up for two days and has already had some great response, I hope this continues as I have a huge catalogue of material ready to post to the site and this could be hugely exciting for both myself and my beloved readers.  Best wishes to all, I am (as always) immensely grateful for all of your support and will continue to entertain as best I can.  Keep smiling and keep writing, much love from Baldy.

Cyralost LIVES!

This is the new blog, all about my mythological world, Cyralost.  I just posted the first 50 posts, including stories, fantasy poems (that you may or not seen here on Baldypoems) and a few other interesting items.  The future is bright for The Chronicles of Cyralost as I have hundreds of pieces ready to upload, including a Bestiary, a resource section for fantasy writers, maps, and so much more.  I will also be posting the first chapter of The Chronicles of Tarkus on there.  The epic begins.

Baldypoems will continue as the poetry posting blog it was originally intended to be and I shall be writing and posting more poetry in due course, don’t forget you can see plenty of ‘silly’ poems on the baldypoems facebook page and can even follow this fugly on twitter!

Thank you for your love and support, I’ll be back very soon, hugs from Baldy x

Baldy’ s Update


Firstly, I’m not sure which is more funny, the fact that I can’t see what I am doing in this picture because I can’t find my glasses (which are bloody behind me!) or the hairbrush behind my balding head!

A big thank you to all those here on WordPress and to all my readers and visitors, I appreciate all the comments and it is kind of those who clicked the ‘like’ button, I am deeply humbled to have followers in the hundreds and the page view counter simply astonishes me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I love to write and having an audience of this size is a gift I shall cherish.

With regards to the first novel set in my mythological world called Cyralost, ‘The Chronicles of Tarkus, Book One: Dungeons of the Deep’, I have decided not to continue with the idea of self-publishing through Amazon’s Createaspace and have ‘shelved’ the book for now.  I wish to wait until I have had the chance (and financial resources) to have it edited professionally and also desire to drum up more interest in the project.  I continue to write in and about Cyralost and have now produced a portfolio of information (that I call ‘the appendices’) regarding everything from creatures and characters to history and spellcraft, content on magical items and weapons, terrific terrain, characters, cartography and so much more; that numbers several hundred pages (as well as some short stories and flash fiction based there).  It is my intention to produce a site dedicated solely to Cyralost  and to eventually find an agent and/or publisher with the hope of making print by more traditional means.  Just because I am no longer naïve, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t continue the dream.  I will keep all informed through the Baldypoems page.  Again, thanks to  all who have shown an interest in Cyralost and feel free to contact me about any of it.

Below is an updated list of pieces I have had published to date (that I am aware of), thanks again for reading and interacting, I love to hear from you (feel free to email me if you don’t want to talk via the comments boxes:  Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from Baldy 🙂

Of Tree, Of Bird, Of Man

Appears in the anthology: ‘Still Life’

ISBN: 1-84436-196-9


Appears in the ‘National Poetry Anthology 2005’

ISBN: 1-84436-165-9

Wolf In Snow

Appears in the anthology: ‘Animal Magic’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-761-0


Appears in the anthology: ‘Whispers on the Breeze’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-901-0


Appears in the anthology: ‘Poetry by Moonlight’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-847-7

Big Issue

Appears in the anthology: ‘A Message to You’

ISBN: 9978-0-85781-014-4

Stranger in the Painting

Appears in the anthology: ‘Poetry in Motion’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-951-5

Finders Keepers

Appears in the ‘National Poetry Anthology 2010’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-886-0

The Farewell Spell

Appears in the anthology: ‘Reflections’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-991-1

Void Melody

Appears in the anthology: ‘Fact and Fantasy’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-916-4

Toasting Chestnuts Whilst I Ponder

Appears in the anthology: ‘A Poem for Christmas’

ISBN:  978-0-85781-025-0

Absent Father

Appears in the anthology: ‘Seeds of Inspiration’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-159-2

Still Love Being Your Husband

Appears in the anthology: ‘What is Love’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-103-5

Cascades of Fire

Appears in the anthology: ‘Here and Now’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-074-8


Appears in the anthology: ‘Secrets of the Heart’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-041-0


Appears in the anthology: ‘Uplifting Moments’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-179-0


Appears in the anthology:  ‘Deep Secrets’

ISBN:  978-0-85781-199-8

Sure is Quiet

Appears in the anthology:  Symphony of Life

ISBN:  978-0-85739-727-0

Cheating Death

Appears in the anthology:  A Clock Strikes Thirteen

ISBN:  978-1-84418-598-6

The Bridge

Appears in the anthology:  Turning of the Tides

ISBN:  978-184418-599-3`

What is Love

Appears in the anthology: Aspects of Love

ISBN: 978-1-8-4418-601-3

Diamond Days

Appears in the anthology: Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II

ISBN: 978-1-84418-623-5

Beyond the Realms of Redemption

Appears in the anthology: Whispers in the Breeze

ISBN: 978-1-84418-628-0

Wonderful Children

Appears in the anthology: Cherished Moments

ISBN: 978-1-84418-626-6


Appears in the anthology: Down Memory Lane

ISBN: 978-1-84418-625-9

Letter published in Carillon magazine issue#33

ISSN: 1474-7340

Only the River Knows

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue#34

ISSN: 1474-7340

A prize winning letter printed in Writer’s Forum Magazine, issue   #127 June 2012, page 11 (I won a moleskin notebook worth £9.95)

My answers to a writing questionnaire published on the Arvon Foundation website:

Ink Stained Fingers

Appears in the anthology: In Other Words

ISBN: 978-184418-635-8

A Day of Rest(less)

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue #35

ISSN: 1474-7340

Oops! (Flash Fiction)

Ode to Ye Olde Water Filter Jug

Uncle Jemmy’s Wibble

Appears in the Worcester Writers’ Circle anthology: You Can’t Be Serious

ISBN: 978-0-9565263-9-7

More Than Cheese

Appears in the anthology: Heart’s Desire

ISBN unknown

Bad Forecast

Appears in the anthology: The Poet Tree – A Collection of Poetry

ISBN unknown

Sarin’s Song

Appears in the anthology: The World at War – Poems From the Battlefield

ISBN unknown


Appears in the anthology: Spirit of Spring

ISBN unknown

The Damnation of Darquelle

A short story based in Cyralost, published in the debut issue of Orcs and Aliens

ISBN: 978-1-304-36631-3

An excerpt from a letter and a poem:

The Beloved Box

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue #36

ISSN: 1474-7340

Dream Weaver

Appears in the National Poetry Competition: Poetry Rivals’ Collection 2013

ISBN: 978-1-84418-647-1


Appears in the anthology: New Beginnings

ISBN: 978-184418-661-7

Oops (flash fiction)

Missing Whiskey (and Wine)

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue #38

ISSN: 1474-7340

Ode to Ye Old Water Filter

And The Filter Jug’s Reply (written by my grandmother)

Appears in the Carillon Magazine issue #39

ISSN: 1474-7340

The Forgotten Gods

Accidents Happen (short story based in Cyralost)

Appears in the E-zine: The Top-hat Raven

Titan Rhyme

Such sad songs are sung

As singers sing unto the sun

And dances are danced

By dancers who dance

For love, for light, to be as one.


Swans swim as swans have swum,

In lakes and ponds and rivers that run,

For love of swimming, just for the chance,

To enchant the water with romance

As singers and dancers come undone.

Silhouettes in the Soul (The Chronicles of Tarkus teaser)

The silhouette of Castle Kirin’s ruins, splayed across the ridge, the deepening shadows, lending an ominous looking scene, something even darker than the Dancer’s imaginings.  Isacc Tarakai shook his head at his overdramatic musings, he knew what was ahead, knew what waited.

The immortal ceased his climb, placing weathered hands on hips and raising his head to allow the wind to lift his auburn hair and closed his ageless, haunted looking eyes to better appreciate the sensation. No matter how old the body he resided in, a susurrus always made his soul feel younger, there was something about a breeze that stirred the spirit.

The Dancer had returned to Winter-Wind Valley to retrieve something he had hoped would remain hidden for an eternity, a box that had been entrusted to his care several lifetimes ago; its contents only recently revealed to him.  Had Tarakai known what exactly he had been asked to secrete, he would have sent it somewhere that did not exist.

Isacc Tarakai had once claimed that he had forgotten more about Darquelle than anyone could learn but that was untrue as the Titan remembered everything; that was his curse.  It was possibly a miracle that his memories had not consumed him but Tarakai felt it was due to his ability to compartment his mind and ‘cage’ off certain events as necessary.

It was believed that the ultimate adventure and most dangerous quest would one day take place in the Valley of Isacc Tarakai’s Mind.