Excitement for Legacy Launch

Legacy cover penultimate

Exciting news!  My publisher, Black Pear Press, has been working hard on my second collection, ‘Legacy’.  I am delighted to announce I received the penultimate edit this morning, and the book launch is now imminent (weeks away, maybe a month or so!).

I was humbled by Lacuna’s success, thrilled it was popular, and grateful for the readership it found.  More, I am deeply honoured that Black Pear Press have seen something in my poetry that has prompted them to publish a second, more lengthy collection.

Legacy sees the publication of some longer poems and a few more personal pieces, but keeps with my style of delivering mostly succinct and evocative poetry.  I am extremely grateful to my editor, Polly Stretton for her dedication and friendship.

I am also grateful to my brother, Damien Davis, for his stunning cover, and to my friend, Paul F. Lenzi; for his support, guidance and kind words (see his blurb on my back cover!).

I am blessed.  Truly.  Thank you all for your support, I can’t wait to announce a release date.

Lacuna at Daisychain


Thank you!  Thank you to Denise Wray, Sue Walster, Reuben Taylor and Holly Napier (all pictured below) from Daisychain Benevolent Fund, proudly promoting the Lacuna launch.

Daisychain Benevolent Fund Trust’s aim is the preservation of health and the relief of sickness for children and young adults in the community.  Inspiring work by a wonderful charity.

The Daisychain bookshop in St John’s (Worcester) is a delight to visit, their volunteers are friendly and helpful, and their selection of books is superb (don’t tell my wife, but I left with three beautiful books today!).  With an impressive poetry selection and eye-catching displays of all genres, this is a booklover’s veritable Utopia.

Lacuna is the debut collection from prize-winning poet, Kieran Davis (also known as Baldypoems).  The book is published by Black Pear Press and features cover art from Olympic torch bearer, Damien Davis.  The book launch, sponsored by Innovate (who are providing the free cake) and the Worcestershire Literary Festival, takes place at 4PM on Sunday 14th August at Drummonds (New Street, Worcester).

As well as free cake (I mentioned free cake, right?) there will be poetry performances from The Magnificent Mike Alma, The Amazing Alan Durham, Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton and Worcestershire Poet Laureate; Suz Winspear.


Lacuna at Blue Cross

blue cross1

Thank you!  Thank you to Martin Purser (pictured below) and Blue cross, proudly promoting the Lacuna Launch.  Blue Cross is a charity that helps to find homes for previously unwanted pets.  Animal lovers can sponsor a cat or dog for as little as £3 a month.

Donations and purchases go towards feeding, and caring for animals as well as paying for much needed (and often expensive) medical bills.  Martin is charming and a joy to speak to, I hope you will visit him at Blue Cross charity shop on Mealcheapen Street

Lacuna is the debut collection of poetry from prize-winning poet, Kieran Davis (of Baldypoems fame).  Published by Black Pear Press and sporting cover art from Damien Davis, Lacuna is released on Sunday 14th August at Drummonds (New Street, Worcester, 4PM).

blue cross2

Lacuna at AGE Concern UK


Thank you!  Thank you to Veronica Tyrrell (pictured below) and Sue Carter from Age Concern UK, proudly promoting the Lacuna Launch.  Age Concern UK’s endless efforts support the elderly nationwide and this outlet in St John’s, Worcester is situated in a beautiful, quirky building.

Lacuna, written by prize-winning poet, Kieran Davis and featuring cover art from photographer; Damien Davis (of Olympic torch bearing fame) – is published by Black Pear Press and is released on Sunday 14th August.  The book launch takes place at Drummonds (New street, Worcester) and will feature performances from local poets, all much loved in the community.  The launch is sponsored by Innovate and the Worcestershire Literary Festival.


Lacuna: Promoting the Poet

lacuna baldy3

Another great photograph from Damien Davis (http://damiendavis.co.uk/) for the promotion of ‘Lacuna’.  Perfect Poet, Polly (Stretton) has been working hard on my book, for which – I will be eternally grateful.  You can find Polly’s own poetry here: http://journalread.com/.

I must say a big thank you to my beautiful (and patient) wife, Sian.  My love, you are my all.  The kindness, encouragement and support of all, has been overwhelming; but yours is the most treasured.  I am blessed.  I love you, my biscuits.

Thank you to all my readers for your kind messages (on and off this site).  I do the baldy boogie in your honour.

Keep smiling (unlike the fugly in the picture, what drama!).  Much love from Baldy.


Brother, Mine


Here’s an oldie but a goodie (and a poem too):


Brother, Mine

Bridge over troubled water,

Your love has kept me warm,

You took me home and washed my hands,

Gave me shelter from the storm.

Dutiful and caring, you are beyond comparing

To others who have lit my way,

A shoulder to cry on, the one I rely on,

Brother, you are my hero, night and day.


I appreciate your council and patience,

Your words of comfort when I am on my own,

For the blood we share and the way you care,

Reminds me I am never alone.

For you are always with me,

Making all the bad things fine,

Supporting and encouraging,

I love you, brother, mine.