The Audience Awaits

The audience shuffles in their seats,

The stage looms before the reader,

The night hides behind the curtain

And the poet waits to feed her,

Whispering into the microphone,

To set an atmosphere,

Words wander away, panic!

The pages disappear…


As the audience awaits.


The world spins beneath him,

He stands on the precipice,

Ghosts of failures finding him,

He sinks into the abyss,

The unquiet savage of sorrow,

Doubt has found new premises,

Courage fled the auditorium,

Confidence, now his nemesis…


As the audience anticipates.


Scared to death, he takes a breath,

And opens up his eyes,

Remembering anything is

Possible if he tries,

Art and oratory venture forth,

Surprising and delighting,

The poet performs, forgetting

The fright that he was fighting…


The audience appreciates.

Proof Professed

If I am to fear nothing,

Must I then, love nothing?

I fear sleep but hold no,

Affection for it, I dislike,

The loss of time immensely,

The control forced upon,

My physicality, perhaps it,

Is this prison of flesh, the

Very body I reside in that

I fear, for its weakness and,

Lack of reliability, the

Linear confinement of meat.

If I am to fear nothing,

Must I then prove nothing?

The page would be pointless,

Records made redundant,

Literature left as litter, but,

The thinker, regardless of,

Whichever ‘ology’ they,

Profess to love or learn,

Would counter, never able to

Abate debate, as, whether

Points need to be proven,

Or not, thoughts will be thought,

And I fear, sleep will find me,

Before the words are able to.

Trench Fervor


Adrenaline led the fight,

Fear and panic lending a,

Speed and ferocity unmatched,

By the skill and experience,

Of any veteran on the field,

Adrenaline fed the fight,

Fear and panic bending a,

Need and curiosity, detached,

From the skull and interference,

Of any life yet to yield,

Adrenaline bled the fight,

Fear and panic mending a,

Creed and virtuosity hatched,

By the kill and belligerence,,

Of an anthem they could wield,

Adrenaline fled the fight,

Fear and panic ending a,

Need and tenacity, cached,

By the still and inexperienced,

Of any fate yet to be sealed.