I Owe Matthew Richards an Apology

A bale of turtles makes me smile,

for reasons only two of us know of,

one, a fool, whose folly

was to know too much, but failed

to trust in the indecency of instinct,

the other, a sustentacular friend,

spurned a life-time ago,

the pandemonium of parrots,

causing chaos in creativity,

the naivety, never overcome,

one learned to nibble the nails

in the cross, let rage recede,

as the page will bleed,

and let wisdom come

with an overwhelming of children.



Don’t Go (or ‘Guilt Trip’)

I miss you already,

though you have not yet left,

I feel quite unsteady,

somehow bereft,

I know you will be

but a call away,

and we will write from

time to time,

but I would prefer you

to stay my friend,

I love you, brother mine.


A Darkness In The Spirit

Do you remember me? Do you know my middle name?
It is I that is responsible for you hating, I am to blame,
I am the lost boy they laugh at, the bottle of destruction by my side,
You said you would save me, that you’d hold on to me, I guess you lied.
I don’t sleep until I pass out, the ghost of a whisper, the shadow of a kiss,
Bad dreams, it is a fitful rest, I cry in the night over memories of those I miss,
The darkness, no comfort, but at least no one can see,
The tears, the heartache, the haunting; the missing parts of me.
The silence is stupid, a moronic sound of the night,
There are things that I would ask of Jesus but he loves only the light,
Frustrations fuelled by arseholes and I really miss my friend,
Frosted flowers, a gift left by her grave, nothing but pain in the end.


Effort number two for Sreejit Poole’s Dungeon Prompt: Chaos