Urn, Earned (from Legacy)

I looked into the urn, kissed

you goodbye and saw,

something previously missed,

that I could not ignore,

a tale told twice

with an alternative ending,

your ashes were a story,

with an epilogue, still pending.



Legacy…  Coming soon from Black Pear Press!




I carefully collected

all the souls thought bought,

skilfully selected

those that seek the sort

of raven hearted, now departed,

freaks that failed but fought

for reason, recollected,

reality, riven, wrought.

And I thought I missed the madness,

damned, distraught, kissed… by sadness.


Those Brown Eyes

Those brown eyes,

the melting chocolate

that whispers of warmth,

a seduction of secrecy

and suggestion of stealth,

a guarded glance,

that relinquishes

the romance of the moment,

an atonement?

The port-cullis of lashes

crashes down in a blink,

the wink I almost missed

as I kissed

those brown eyes


With thanks to Claire Walker and the Worcester LitFest for the workshop that helped me produce this poem today.