Empty Page

Extricate the extrovert,

liberate the liar,

hyperventilating hypocrite,

inspired first-time-buyer,

the science of mythology,

contradicts the smitten,

the chance to dance

with all, as yet unwritten.


Undusted Trust (For T.J. Therien)

This Frankenstein of flesh

Stitched together back from death

‘The Headless Children’ lyrics by Blackie Lawless


A memory, dimly recalled,

has the sense of something

hollow, an echo of a dream,

that non-linear moment upon

waking, when the world,

trusted to the night’s safe-keeping,

has broken the spell

but kept the secret.


A requiem reaches

the dishevelled heavens,

engineered by an arcane art

and furnished with

the frustration of a Phoenix,

bound to a Prime-Material plane

by a prophet who will not relinquish

the ashes of their religion.



Dedicated to T.J. Therien, a dedicated poet and novelist.  Tim’s mythology and stark poetry is superb, I am blessed to call him my friend.  We celebrate National Poetry today, I aim to do so by honouring some of the talented poets who have given me so much to celebrate.

Lacuna (For Paul F. Lenzi)

The sky was a bruised blue,

a prelude of the night,

a prequel to the prophecy

that legend known as ‘light’,

the coming day was but a myth

to those deprived of sleep,

the horror of the haunted heart,

a secret none should keep.



Written for a hugely encouraging and amazingly talented poet.  Paul F. Lenzi is a personal hero of mine, a man who has made an astonishing contribution to the world of poetry; and has nurtured the gifts of many budding and accomplished poets.  We celebrate National Poetry Day today, I aim to do so by honouring the talented poets who give me so much to celebrate.



Magnificent (For Mike Alma)

Some say they could sink

in his eyes,

the misty seas, his sighs.

That which resided in his

storm-born prominence,

could capsize continents.

He was a legend

in his own life-time,

his voice drowned

the song of Valkyries,

and the eminence

of his experience,

suggested you could swim

in his memories.



Written for a truly remarkable poet, a man most dear to me; who has encouraged and inspired me often.  We celebrate National Poetry Day today, I aim to do so by honouring some of the gifted poets that have given me so much to celebrate.


When I am a relic,

my life become yore,

young gods will wake

and whisper of war.


When I am a memory

you cease to explore,

your gods will take

their leave like before.


When I am a legend,

grief’s guarantor,

the gods you forsake

will forgive the flaw.


When I am a myth,

dismissed and no more,

old gods will break

Like waves on the shore.