Reaching New Audiences

A big thank you to all who continue to comment and indicate they have read something here by pressing the ‘like’ button, I am very grateful.  A huge welcome to all my new readers, I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.  Baldy is a busy boy!  Trying to make headway on social media has been (and continues to be) a complete *rude word missing* but has also been a little rewarding as more and more have been following the blog and interacting, thank you and ‘Hi!’.

The Worcester Writers’ Circle has kindly added a link to here on their site and even posted my Flash Fiction introduction on their growing ‘resources’ page.  You can find The Worcester writers’ circle here:

Whilst life is very busy, I am trying to keep writing and spend as much time blogging and using the social media to keep up with all, I will read as many of your blogs as I am able, but if you know me at all, I hope you’ll know that I support all of your endeavours, regardless of how many buttons I press or posts I respond to.

I will be working on a secondary blog soon, purely about my mythological world, Cyralost; which I hope you will join me in when it arrives.  I’ll keep you posted.  Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes to all from Baldy xx


Baldy’ s Update


Firstly, I’m not sure which is more funny, the fact that I can’t see what I am doing in this picture because I can’t find my glasses (which are bloody behind me!) or the hairbrush behind my balding head!

A big thank you to all those here on WordPress and to all my readers and visitors, I appreciate all the comments and it is kind of those who clicked the ‘like’ button, I am deeply humbled to have followers in the hundreds and the page view counter simply astonishes me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I love to write and having an audience of this size is a gift I shall cherish.

With regards to the first novel set in my mythological world called Cyralost, ‘The Chronicles of Tarkus, Book One: Dungeons of the Deep’, I have decided not to continue with the idea of self-publishing through Amazon’s Createaspace and have ‘shelved’ the book for now.  I wish to wait until I have had the chance (and financial resources) to have it edited professionally and also desire to drum up more interest in the project.  I continue to write in and about Cyralost and have now produced a portfolio of information (that I call ‘the appendices’) regarding everything from creatures and characters to history and spellcraft, content on magical items and weapons, terrific terrain, characters, cartography and so much more; that numbers several hundred pages (as well as some short stories and flash fiction based there).  It is my intention to produce a site dedicated solely to Cyralost  and to eventually find an agent and/or publisher with the hope of making print by more traditional means.  Just because I am no longer naïve, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t continue the dream.  I will keep all informed through the Baldypoems page.  Again, thanks to  all who have shown an interest in Cyralost and feel free to contact me about any of it.

Below is an updated list of pieces I have had published to date (that I am aware of), thanks again for reading and interacting, I love to hear from you (feel free to email me if you don’t want to talk via the comments boxes:  Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from Baldy 🙂

Of Tree, Of Bird, Of Man

Appears in the anthology: ‘Still Life’

ISBN: 1-84436-196-9


Appears in the ‘National Poetry Anthology 2005’

ISBN: 1-84436-165-9

Wolf In Snow

Appears in the anthology: ‘Animal Magic’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-761-0


Appears in the anthology: ‘Whispers on the Breeze’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-901-0


Appears in the anthology: ‘Poetry by Moonlight’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-847-7

Big Issue

Appears in the anthology: ‘A Message to You’

ISBN: 9978-0-85781-014-4

Stranger in the Painting

Appears in the anthology: ‘Poetry in Motion’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-951-5

Finders Keepers

Appears in the ‘National Poetry Anthology 2010’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-886-0

The Farewell Spell

Appears in the anthology: ‘Reflections’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-991-1

Void Melody

Appears in the anthology: ‘Fact and Fantasy’

ISBN: 978-1-84436-916-4

Toasting Chestnuts Whilst I Ponder

Appears in the anthology: ‘A Poem for Christmas’

ISBN:  978-0-85781-025-0

Absent Father

Appears in the anthology: ‘Seeds of Inspiration’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-159-2

Still Love Being Your Husband

Appears in the anthology: ‘What is Love’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-103-5

Cascades of Fire

Appears in the anthology: ‘Here and Now’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-074-8


Appears in the anthology: ‘Secrets of the Heart’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-041-0


Appears in the anthology: ‘Uplifting Moments’

ISBN: 978-0-85781-179-0


Appears in the anthology:  ‘Deep Secrets’

ISBN:  978-0-85781-199-8

Sure is Quiet

Appears in the anthology:  Symphony of Life

ISBN:  978-0-85739-727-0

Cheating Death

Appears in the anthology:  A Clock Strikes Thirteen

ISBN:  978-1-84418-598-6

The Bridge

Appears in the anthology:  Turning of the Tides

ISBN:  978-184418-599-3`

What is Love

Appears in the anthology: Aspects of Love

ISBN: 978-1-8-4418-601-3

Diamond Days

Appears in the anthology: Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II

ISBN: 978-1-84418-623-5

Beyond the Realms of Redemption

Appears in the anthology: Whispers in the Breeze

ISBN: 978-1-84418-628-0

Wonderful Children

Appears in the anthology: Cherished Moments

ISBN: 978-1-84418-626-6


Appears in the anthology: Down Memory Lane

ISBN: 978-1-84418-625-9

Letter published in Carillon magazine issue#33

ISSN: 1474-7340

Only the River Knows

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue#34

ISSN: 1474-7340

A prize winning letter printed in Writer’s Forum Magazine, issue   #127 June 2012, page 11 (I won a moleskin notebook worth £9.95)

My answers to a writing questionnaire published on the Arvon Foundation website:

Ink Stained Fingers

Appears in the anthology: In Other Words

ISBN: 978-184418-635-8

A Day of Rest(less)

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue #35

ISSN: 1474-7340

Oops! (Flash Fiction)

Ode to Ye Olde Water Filter Jug

Uncle Jemmy’s Wibble

Appears in the Worcester Writers’ Circle anthology: You Can’t Be Serious

ISBN: 978-0-9565263-9-7

More Than Cheese

Appears in the anthology: Heart’s Desire

ISBN unknown

Bad Forecast

Appears in the anthology: The Poet Tree – A Collection of Poetry

ISBN unknown

Sarin’s Song

Appears in the anthology: The World at War – Poems From the Battlefield

ISBN unknown


Appears in the anthology: Spirit of Spring

ISBN unknown

The Damnation of Darquelle

A short story based in Cyralost, published in the debut issue of Orcs and Aliens

ISBN: 978-1-304-36631-3

An excerpt from a letter and a poem:

The Beloved Box

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue #36

ISSN: 1474-7340

Dream Weaver

Appears in the National Poetry Competition: Poetry Rivals’ Collection 2013

ISBN: 978-1-84418-647-1


Appears in the anthology: New Beginnings

ISBN: 978-184418-661-7

Oops (flash fiction)

Missing Whiskey (and Wine)

Appears in the Carillon magazine issue #38

ISSN: 1474-7340

Ode to Ye Old Water Filter

And The Filter Jug’s Reply (written by my grandmother)

Appears in the Carillon Magazine issue #39

ISSN: 1474-7340

The Forgotten Gods

Accidents Happen (short story based in Cyralost)

Appears in the E-zine: The Top-hat Raven

Silhouettes in the Soul (The Chronicles of Tarkus teaser)

The silhouette of Castle Kirin’s ruins, splayed across the ridge, the deepening shadows, lending an ominous looking scene, something even darker than the Dancer’s imaginings.  Isacc Tarakai shook his head at his overdramatic musings, he knew what was ahead, knew what waited.

The immortal ceased his climb, placing weathered hands on hips and raising his head to allow the wind to lift his auburn hair and closed his ageless, haunted looking eyes to better appreciate the sensation. No matter how old the body he resided in, a susurrus always made his soul feel younger, there was something about a breeze that stirred the spirit.

The Dancer had returned to Winter-Wind Valley to retrieve something he had hoped would remain hidden for an eternity, a box that had been entrusted to his care several lifetimes ago; its contents only recently revealed to him.  Had Tarakai known what exactly he had been asked to secrete, he would have sent it somewhere that did not exist.

Isacc Tarakai had once claimed that he had forgotten more about Darquelle than anyone could learn but that was untrue as the Titan remembered everything; that was his curse.  It was possibly a miracle that his memories had not consumed him but Tarakai felt it was due to his ability to compartment his mind and ‘cage’ off certain events as necessary.

It was believed that the ultimate adventure and most dangerous quest would one day take place in the Valley of Isacc Tarakai’s Mind.