Lust for the Lonely (Adults Only)

I am more curious,

Of what lies beneath,

Nakedness is dangerous,

A blade desires a sheath,

Furious more than curious,

Fingers fumble with a clasp,

When splashing passion,

Prematurely in your grasp,

Anxious and distracted,

But you calm my quick distress,

Forgiving milky tears,

As I now watch you undress,

Emboldening my member,

Once more with just the sight,

Of a body, oh so beautiful,

A need I cannot fight,

Lips part to admit thunder,

The taste of sweetest sin,

An inferno in my soul,

As I love every inch of skin,

And we are far from sated,

Even when the sex is spent,

Intercourse is, of course,

Barely the breath we lent.