Don’t Give Me Duffy’s Onion

You breathe new life

into dying suns,

pointing out possibility,

bestial, the celestial


burn in the night,

fighting the passion,

drinking in the doubt,


and wanting, haunting me


winking out.



Lust for the Lonely (Adults Only)

I am more curious,

Of what lies beneath,

Nakedness is dangerous,

A blade desires a sheath,

Furious more than curious,

Fingers fumble with a clasp,

When splashing passion,

Prematurely in your grasp,

Anxious and distracted,

But you calm my quick distress,

Forgiving milky tears,

As I now watch you undress,

Emboldening my member,

Once more with just the sight,

Of a body, oh so beautiful,

A need I cannot fight,

Lips part to admit thunder,

The taste of sweetest sin,

An inferno in my soul,

As I love every inch of skin,

And we are far from sated,

Even when the sex is spent,

Intercourse is, of course,

Barely the breath we lent.