Girl’s Got Rhythm

Girl’s Got Rhythm.

Baldypoems is proud to present, one of the most talented poets you’ll ever encounter.  Girl’s Got Rhythm, a collection of poems from Polly Robinson, is as fun to read as it is to read aloud.

Polly, is a delightful individual, someone who is most generous with her time and encouragement of other writers, (here on WordPress, and in her community).  Readers will discover why so many follow Polly’s blog, seek her advice and treasure her friendship.

It was Polly Robinson who started me blogging and I hope my own readers will appreciate this wonderful woman’s style and flare.

My own, signed, copy of ‘Girl’s Got Rhythm’ lies (well thumbed) by my biscuit tin – that’s how much I loved it!

Best wishes from Baldy


The Worcester Writers’ Circle

I am a very proud member of the Worcester Writers’ Circle, a fantastic group of writers, who are not only gifted wordsmiths, but wonderful people too.  The ‘Silly Poems’ appear on Baldypoems once they’ve been ‘tested’ at the writers’ circle and the Baldypoems Facebook page is only there because of them.  Heck, this blog wouldn’t exisit if it wasn’t for one of the members (Polly Robinson), who kindly showed me most of how to work it (you all know how crap I am with technology).

The aforementioned Polly has re-vamped the Worcester Writers’ Circle web page and I am delighted to share the link, hoping you will visit and take a look at some of my dear colleagues’ writing.  Our web master (makes Polly sound like Spider Woman!) has kindly linked this blog to the Worcester Writers page too!


Here’s the link:

Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from Baldy

One Day

One Day.

I would like to introduce two incredibly talented people whom are very encouraging at the writers’ circle I participate in, here in Worcester (U.K.). The poem is by Mike Alma (told you, I’d share something more from/about him) and the blog (which I highly reccomend) is by Polly Robinson, a remarkable poet that I hope you will appreciate as much as I. I particularly like Polly’s poetry pertaining to the Fae (but that is probably the fantasy and mythology geek in me) but suggest a good read of any and all of this lovely lady’s writing. Hope you enjoy Mike’s poem, kind regards from Baldy 🙂