Excitement for Legacy Launch

Legacy cover penultimate

Exciting news!  My publisher, Black Pear Press, has been working hard on my second collection, ‘Legacy’.  I am delighted to announce I received the penultimate edit this morning, and the book launch is now imminent (weeks away, maybe a month or so!).

I was humbled by Lacuna’s success, thrilled it was popular, and grateful for the readership it found.  More, I am deeply honoured that Black Pear Press have seen something in my poetry that has prompted them to publish a second, more lengthy collection.

Legacy sees the publication of some longer poems and a few more personal pieces, but keeps with my style of delivering mostly succinct and evocative poetry.  I am extremely grateful to my editor, Polly Stretton for her dedication and friendship.

I am also grateful to my brother, Damien Davis, for his stunning cover, and to my friend, Paul F. Lenzi; for his support, guidance and kind words (see his blurb on my back cover!).

I am blessed.  Truly.  Thank you all for your support, I can’t wait to announce a release date.

Her Majesty The Queen Has A Copy


Her Majesty, The Queen received her copy of Lacuna.

Have you got yours?  Lacuna, the debut collection of poetry from yours truly (prize-winning poet, Kieran Davis, AKA Baldypoems) is available here:

Kieran Davis

Sure, you can get it on Amazon too, but I’d love for you to buy directly from the publisher, Black Pear Press.

Edited by the remarkable Polly Stretton, and sporting a blurb written by the legendary Paul F. Lenzi, Lacuna is sure to delight lovers of poetry.

Thank you to all for the continued support.

Perfect (For Polly Stretton)

Ponderer of poems,


you reflect, I then see,

under no illusion,

you remain perfect to me.

Let me have my heroes,

they make me want to be,

more than the child

that so many people see.

Ponderer of poems,


I reflect, you see,

under no illusion,

you remain perfect to me.



Written for my hero, one of the most talented and inspiring poets I know.  If I am ever truly deemed a wordsmith, Polly Stretton is surely my forge.  We celebrate National Poetry Day today, I aim to do so by honouring some of the gifted poets who give me so much to celebrate.

Lacuna: Promoting the Poet

lacuna baldy3

Another great photograph from Damien Davis (http://damiendavis.co.uk/) for the promotion of ‘Lacuna’.  Perfect Poet, Polly (Stretton) has been working hard on my book, for which – I will be eternally grateful.  You can find Polly’s own poetry here: http://journalread.com/.

I must say a big thank you to my beautiful (and patient) wife, Sian.  My love, you are my all.  The kindness, encouragement and support of all, has been overwhelming; but yours is the most treasured.  I am blessed.  I love you, my biscuits.

Thank you to all my readers for your kind messages (on and off this site).  I do the baldy boogie in your honour.

Keep smiling (unlike the fugly in the picture, what drama!).  Much love from Baldy.