Reading Over My Shoulder


Sweet and sour

Pot Noodle memories

that remind me,

I would rather be lonely

than ‘only’ anything.

I could quite easily

destroy everything,

simply by refraining

from explaining


to an audience,

that does not read,

but reads into.



Tony Judge & the Baldy Update

Firstly, thank you to all my readers.  Welcome and thank you to all the new followers.  I have been reading more than writing these last couple of weeks, but will be posting more poetry soon.

My other blog (The Chronicles of Cyralost) has had a lot of time devoted to it recently and I have now written three hundred appendices for the mythology (which totals three hundred thousand words, when including the novel, short stories and poetry based in my fantasy world).

Reading has been most enjoyable as always.  For the first time in a long time, I have been reading outside my usual genre and comfort zone.  I am currently half way through ‘The Sirocco Express’ by Tony Judge, a brilliant writer I have the great pleasure of knowing in person. This book is a dark and  compelling tale of an African man called Adebayo who is trying to smuggle himself to London.  The character is an avid reader that instantly transports you in to his world, the story sprints through a gripping adventure in an intelligent and refreshing way; bashing the reader in the brain with the best and worst humanity is capable of.

I know my obsessive compulsive generosity sometimes makes people uncomfortable or disbelieving of my praise, but I assure you, I speak highly of Mr. Judge with good reason.  Tony’s impressive vocabulary transported me on a wonderful journey and I look forward to finishing the novel soon.

Please take a look at his author pages:

I have also been trying to make sense of social media (somewhat poorly) and had the great delight of tweeting Margaret Weis, a hero of mine, and other writers of a similar ilk.  Technology still astounds me and frustrates me more than anything, due to my inability to understand it.  However, I soldier on, knowing that being a part of this wonderful community and contact with so many talented friends is only possibly because of the computer I swear at so often.

I am attending my first evening with ’42’, a group of fantasy, science fiction and horror enthusiasts on Wednesday 29th July, where I will be reading two poems.

Now I must go and look for my sanity (I know I left it round here somewhere) as my little ones are terrorizing each other and making my house look like someone blew up Toys ‘R’ Us.

Much love to all, keep smiling and keep writing,

Best wishes from Baldy

Geek Week Tribute (For Sahm King)


And proud of it!

You never see a bored geek, people (they’re too busy reading, writing, watching Japanese manga and movies or playing role playing games).

Speaking of roleplaying, I came home to find my wife in a French Maid’s outfit, I was so angry, the place was a f*&^%ng mess!

I came home to find my wife in a police woman’s outfit, she said “I’m arresting you for being too good in bed!”  Two minutes later she dropped the charges, lack of evidence *giggles*


Keep smiling, hugs from Baldy 🙂