I Owe Matthew Richards an Apology

A bale of turtles makes me smile,

for reasons only two of us know of,

one, a fool, whose folly

was to know too much, but failed

to trust in the indecency of instinct,

the other, a sustentacular friend,

spurned a life-time ago,

the pandemonium of parrots,

causing chaos in creativity,

the naivety, never overcome,

one learned to nibble the nails

in the cross, let rage recede,

as the page will bleed,

and let wisdom come

with an overwhelming of children.



Don’t Speak (or Grief)

There are not the words

To assuage your grief

There never are, nor will

There be.  Pain beyond belief,

You want constant company,

But not for them to cross

Your path as your departed,

Empties you of all but loss,

And silence deafens,

And sound offends,

Just breathing is braking

Your heart with vehemence.

Baldy’s Back (Kind of)

So very sorry, all.  These prolonged absences can not be helped, I am having terrible difficulty with my computer and the internet.  I promise I will be returning oon a more permanent basis, I just can’t say for sure when.  I am saving for a new computer and have my beautiful wife dealing with the internet issues we have encountered.

I hope you are all well and apologise for not having visited your blogs lately (see above).  I hope no one feels neglected!  I shall be reading more as soon as I am able but wish you all the very best of luck and success, keep smiling and keep writing!


Best wishes from Baldy 🙂

I Do NOT Like this! (Sorry All)

Good morrow, ladies and gentlemen, I hope thias finds you well,

But I can not use my ‘like’ button, so use this space to tell

You of the plight I have with my computer and the internet,

(which, for some reason, won’t play nicely, despite my every threat),

So, sorry if I haven’t visited, left my mark on your page,

But each click of the button takes a f*&^%$g age,

I have lost all patience with technology, I really am irate

But please know I’ll be back as soon as I can, to participate

In this marvelous community, this writing paradigm,

Thanks for your support (sorry about the rhyme).

Apologies, all, I have been trying to load your blogs and leave ‘likes’ and comments but my computer/internet is rediculously, frustrating.  I am so angry right now!  It takes forever to load a page and the ‘like button’ won’t load for most pages, it keeps freezing and crashing.  Sorry!  I appreciate all the support and kind words and wish that I could recipricate.  I will be back in force as soon as I get it sorted.  Sincere best wishes from Baldy.  Keep smiling and keep writing!