Painting Faces (for Jane Blundel)

The boys, they ask for tigers,

Super-heroes, dinosaurs,

Pokémon we’ve never heard of,

and monsters, of course!

The girls, they all like ‘Frozen’,

fairies and butterflies,

princesses, all of them,

the stuff of lullabies.



On Saturday 27th August 2016, poets from Worcester and members of the Worcestershire Literary Festival committee wrote and performed poetry on demand for the public in the CrownGate shopping centre.  We were most fortunate to have a ‘captive audience’ as Jane Blundel was face painting next to us, so we pounced on shoppers as they waited with their children.

Jane is lovely, and an impressive artist, the children she painted looked magnificent.  You can find Jane’s company, Funky Faces here:  The Worcestershire Litfest and Fringe would like to thank Jane and, of course, all the poets.

A truly wonderful day!


Lacuna at Costa


Thank you!  Thank you to Louis and the team at Costa Coffee, proudly supporting the launch of Lacuna by popping up a poster.  Everyone knows how nice the service usually is at Costa, and the Worcester branches are no exception.

Lacuna is launched this Sunday (14th August) at Drummonds, New Street, Worcester at 4PM.  There will be a lovely selection of cake, thanks to Steve Kilmartin and Innovate, a chance to get a book signed, and some amazing performances of poetry.


Worcester Walk




A mid-summer solstice,

sung to by the Severn,

whispered on the waves

of that swan swum heaven.

The Old Rectifying House,

A sentinel of the river,

Where writers of Worcester

have poetry to deliver,

and a paradigm of performers –

gather at the park,

rejoicing in each other,

igniting the spark

of inspiration, the dedication,

well deserved,

this celebration

of Worcester, preserved.


Lacuna at Toys and Games


Thank you!  Thank you to Tim and Vicky (pictured right, with superstar, Claire) of Toys and Games of Worcester; proudly promoting the launch of Lacuna!

Tim and Vicky run a wonderful family business, interacting with the local community in all the best ways.  Those local to Worcester will remember Toys and Games as ‘The Videodrome’ (and some of us still lovingly refer to it as such!).  It is an treasure trove of fun for all the family and the curse of many a parent’s purse.

You can find Toys and Games on Broad Street, and I highly recommend a visit.  As well as toys and games for all ages, Tim and Vicky also host a variety of events for Tenth Planet, where fans can meet their heroes.

I myself have met Jeremy Bullock (Boba Fet in Star Wars) and the sixth incarnation of Doctor Who, Collin Baker (both complete gentlemen and a delight to speak to) at this venue.

Toys and Games also run gaming nights for Pokémon, Yug hi oh (did I say that right?) and Magic the Gathering; and have an extensive selection of these trading cards, along with an impressive range of RPG material (thankfully, as so few outlets stock them these days!).

The best thing about Toys and Games is the service.  You get that personal touch with a family business.  Every visit is a genuinely pleasant experience.

Lacuna is launched at Drummonds in Worcester, on Sunday 14th Agust at 4PM.  Come for the free cake, stay for the poetry and party after (and Baldy’ll sign a book!).   Hosted by Black Pear Press, publisher of Lacuna, the launch will include readings from The Amazing Alan Durham, The Magnificent Mike Alma, Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton and Worcestershire Poet Laureate; Suz Winspear.

Also performing is Baldypoems mega-star, Kieran Davis and his son, Oscar (who will be reading his favourite Robert Louis Stevenson poem, ‘A Good Boy’).  So excited!



Lacuna at The Ambleside Fish Bar


Thank you!  Thank you to Tony and Andy at Ambleside Fish Bar, proudly promoting the ‘Lacuna’ book launch.  Ambleside Fish Bar is an experience in itself, home to Worcester’s yummiest fried treats.  Every visit is entertaining, as the delightful staff sing songs and make jokes, serving customers with more than a smile.

Tony and Andy are true pillars of their local community, friendly and fun to be around; and proof that genuine gentlemen still exist!

Lacuna is published by Black Pear Press and will be launched in Worcester on Sunday 14th August at Drummonds (The Swan With Two Nicks) on New street, WR1 2DP.  The event starts at 4PM, with a book signing and will then proceed with poetry readings from The Magnificent Mike Alma, The Amazing Alan Durham, Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton, Worcestershire Poet Laureate, Suz Winspear; and yours truly – Kieran Davis (also known as Baldypoems).

And now, I am truly excited to announce a recent addition to the line-up…

My 5 year old boy, Oscar!  Oscar is going to read his favourite poem ‘A Good Boy’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.  I am so excited I could burst!  Come for free cake, stay for the poetry and party after!


Thanks again to Tony, Andy and the team at Ambleside Fish bar, see you all soon!  Best wishes from Baldy x


Lacuna at H. Smith Butchers



Thank you to local superstar, Uwe Meier of H. Smith Butchers (Lowesmoor, Worcester).  Uwe is proudly sporting the Lacuna book launch poster in his window!

H. Smith Butchers provide some of the finest cuts of meat to be found, impressive picnic treats (such as handmade pork pies) and the best pork scratchings in the area!  No wonder I’ve put on weight!

Uwe is a friendly and funny guy, quick with a joke, and a genuine pleasure to visit.  Thank you!

Lacuna is released by Black Pear Press on Sunday 14th August, at Drummonds (28 New Street, Worcester, WR1 2DP) – 4PM.  The launch will include a book signing from me, Kieran – Baldypoems – Davis, an abundance of cake; and a party afterwards!

There will also be readings from The Amazing Alan Durham, The Magnificent Mike Alma, Perfect Poet, Polly Stretton, and this year’s Worcestershire Poet  Laureate; Suz Winspear.

Everyone is welcome.