Worcester Walk




A mid-summer solstice,

sung to by the Severn,

whispered on the waves

of that swan swum heaven.

The Old Rectifying House,

A sentinel of the river,

Where writers of Worcester

have poetry to deliver,

and a paradigm of performers –

gather at the park,

rejoicing in each other,

igniting the spark

of inspiration, the dedication,

well deserved,

this celebration

of Worcester, preserved.


Baldy Anniversary!

Today marks three years of blogging on WordPress.  This is one of the best things I ever did.  I have founded a loyal following of readers (for whom I am eternally grateful) and forged friendships with some of the most amazing and talented people on the planet.  Bless you all and thank you, sincerely.  Keep smiling, reading and writing, much love from Baldy xxx

Fantasy Resources

I finally posted a couple of useful resources for fantasy writers on my other blog: The Chronicles of Cyralost.  If you’re interested in seafaring or precious stones, the two new resources may be of use to you here: https://baldmythology.wordpress.com/

You can also find information about the creatures, monsters, gods and interesting places involved in my mythology on this site (as well as fiction and poetry pertaining to my fantasy world).  I hope you’ll take a look and tell any fans of fantasy you know.  Many thanks, best wishes from Baldy 🙂