Exonerated Executioner

The gallows grow crowded,

If we string up all the fools,

Surely, better to let them fall,

In love, that they may hang

Themselves and, if push comes,

To shove, we can appease our

Horror hungry hearts by,

Murdering the idiots, those,

Unable to grasp the concept,

Of lying,

Fervid virginity, the masquerade

Of dying.


The Lay of Liars


A new poem from Cyralost’s mythology

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With every delicious victory,

The king grew more mighty,

But there came a time when,

His nemesis was cowed,

Defeated by his own loss of

Confidence; the subsequent

Manifestation of despair that

Was forged by each failure.

The Lay of Liars to Lie on the Leigh

The Lay of Liars to Lie on the Leigh

When the king saw the shadow,

Of the once proud and defiant

Villain, he felt a great sadness,

This was not a win.  He had become,

The despot he had endeavoured

To destroy, the war had made him,

In to the monster he was once

Warned about. Decision.  Doubt.

The Lay of Liars to Lie on the Leigh

The Lay of Liars to Lie on the Leigh

The memory of each victory,

Turned sour, the sweetness,

Sucked out by the realization,

That history would not record,

A glorious battle; a deciding

Moment where the saga…

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