Torn Treaty

When the defence is disregarded

And all instinct pertaining to self-

Preservation is vanquished, the

Anguish of anger and anxiety

Can be disassembled more

Expeditiously, allowing a rare rage

To emerge, converging on the

Adversary in one maniacal moment

Of perfect passion and magnificent

Murder.  Come in peace and leave

In pieces.  I know where I shall

Bury the proverbial hatchet…


The art of being prepared

Is not to have a contingency

Plan but to never need one,

We endeavour to forge fate, for

Perceived flaws in ‘the grand

Design’ make us question if

Every eventuality has been

Catered for.  Mend the metaphysics

With philosophical fantasy,

Bend or break,

Fend, forsake,

Forgive, live.  Live!